ELIGOBIOTICS / əlɪgobiatɪks 


A unique platform to engineer and intervene on the microbiome

Eligobiotics are a platform technology that can be programmed to leverage the existing microbial populations in the gut, lungs, vagina, skin, etc. This technology can enable a targeted diagnosis, editing, and functionalization of human or animal microbiomes.

We are genome architects and phage engineers

Eligobiotics are nano-delivery vehicules based on non-replicative engineered phage particules that we can program to package a wide range of genetic synthetic circuits.

SSAMS: Sequence-Specific Antimicrobials, our flagship technology

Our SSAM eligobiotics are a new generation of antimicrobials that can be modularly engineered to precisely eradicate bacteria carrying a targeted DNA sequence, such as an antibiotic resistance gene or a virulence gene. This new strategy circumvents many of the problems associated with other microbiome modulators – traditional small-molecule antibiotics or probiotics, for example.