Internship in Molecular- and Microbiology of Anaerobes


Eligo is seeking an excellent molecular- and microbiology intern to help expand our collection of new bacteria and isolate bacteriophages, as well as assist with the development of high-throughput pipelines and processes to streamline these tasks.

The intern will join the Discovery & Automation team and help us advance a variety of exciting projects. They will gain significant experience in laboratory bench-top techniques and their deliverables will have direct and meaningful impacts on Eligo’s drug projects.

About Eligo: At Eligo, we are passionate about developing new drugs to address unmet medical needs! Eligo is a biotech company building a platform technology to enable the precise engineering of the human microbiome, targeting a wide range of bacterial species. To unlock our ability to target key members of the microbiome, we apply our discovery and engineering platform to an increasing number of bacterial species.

Applicant profile and internship conditions

  • Applicant should be enrolled in an EU-based Master’s, vocational, or Bachelor’s (licence) program in molecular biology or microbiology
    • the degree of independence that the student will have in the project will depend on their educational program (Bac+2, 3, or 5)
  • Internship duration is 4-6-months, with a start date as soon as possible
  • Internship agreement (convention) must be provided by the school/training organization.

Projects description

The ideal intern should be well-prepared to quickly learn or improve on the skills required to contribute to the following projects.

Bacterial strain isolation

The intern will assist in isolating fastidious anaerobic bacterial species from complex samples.

→ These efforts involve material preparation (such as growth media), sample processing in an anaerobic environment, careful isolate tracking, molecular biology such as PCR and preparation of DNA for sequencing, analysis of sequencing results, and bacterial strain growth and cryostock production.

Phage hunting

The intern will assist in isolating and characterizing bacteriophages against fastidious anaerobic bacteria.

→ These efforts involve material preparation (such as growth media), sample processing (such as filtration and concentration of environmental samples), careful tracking of the samples, molecular biology such as PCR and ddPCR and analysis of results, bacterial strain growth (in liquid culture and on agar plates), transformations, phage plaque isolation and propagation and phage stocks, phage host-range screening, and DNA extraction and preparation for sequencing.

Bonus project: Automation

Depending on the needs of the projects and their skillset, the intern could assist in the development or use of an automation platform (liquid- and plate-handling robot) for increasing the throughput and standardizing the workflows for bacterial strain isolation and phage hunting.

→ These efforts require notions of computer programming.


  • Microbiology experience
    • Must have: excellent sterile technique, experience growing and conducting experiments with bacteria.
    • Bonus competences: isolating and amplifying bacteriophage, working in an anaerobic environment, isolation of bacteria, transformation of bacteria.
  • Molecular biology experience
    • Must have: notions of PCR
    • Bonus competences: primer design, DNA extraction and purification, cloning, basic sequence analysis
  • General skills
    • hyper-attentiveness to sample tracking within a pipeline and use of laboratory information management systems (LIMS)
    • proficient and comfortable speaking and writing in English with a multi-national team