Head of Operations



Eligo is a 5 year old biotech, spun off from MIT and Rockefeller University, and based in Paris.

Eligo has raised more than 20 million euros from leading investors from Silicon Valley and France to develop next-generation drugs based on genetic engineering of bacteria and their viruses to tackle unmet medical needs, such as antibiotic-resistance and diseases associated with the microbiome.

Eligo has been elected by the World Economic Forum as one of the 30 most innovative companies in the World, has received a number of other awards, and has been featured in a number of international scientific and larger audience media (Nature Biotechnology, The New York Times, BBC, The Economist, Science, etc.)

Eligo has attracted the best talents from all over the world with more than 35 Eligonauts from more than 10 countries, all driven and passionate and striving to have an impact on the world by applying cutting-edge research.


We are looking for a real operations-ninja to become the operational pillar to support our team and the CEO as we get ready for a scale-up phase. Since Eligo is growing and moving fast to advance discoveries and projects, we need to constantly adapt, optimize and improve our ways of working to execute flawlessly and efficiently, whether it’s related to the way we define and report on objectives and achievements, to how we interact and communicate between teams, but also to grow and develop as individuals and teams, etc.. 

The tasks in this job are will require to have a 360° view of the current ways of working, processes, tools and most importantly, a deep understanding of why they are in place and what could/should be improved to enhance communication between teams, overall efficiency and productivity while removing frictions. 

By understanding the impact of changes in processes across the company and driven by the motivation to improve on the existing, you will be accountable for reinforcing what works well, and for adapting or proposing new procedures, guidelines, tools, etc. to improve on the existing if needed. You will be the driving force to ensure changes are implemented effectively by resilient follow-up, active listening of users feedback, and constant iteration, with the conviction that communicating the Why and the How to the team is instrumental in this endeavour.

As Eligo grows, you will also be instrumental in supporting the CEO on a number of strategic operation matters that are driven by both the current needs of the team and the anticipated changes: communicating company growth internally and externally, organizing whole company meetings and offsites, interacting with legal and corporate counsels, supporting R&D project managers on financial and progress reporting, supporting lab and office expansion and move to a new place in Paris, etc.


Overall responsibility:

Act as a key thought partner, brainstorming, identifying and implementing solutions to operational challenges, plugging organisational gaps wherever and whenever they appear.


Team operations:

• Ensure company tools and processes are adapted to current company needs, propose improvement or alternative and lead its proper implementation

• Oversee Eligonauts onboarding and experience during their journey at Eligo

• Strategic planning of Eligo offsites including developing objectives and agenda with CEO, and coordinating with Office Manager on logistics (Workshops, Quarterly leadership team retreats, Annual offsite abroad, Eligo anniversary &  Xmas party events, etc.)


Growth operations

• Oversee and manage  a variety of mid to long-term, cross-organizational projects depending on the needs (move to new office and lab in 2020, change to a new collective work agreement, personal development plans of Eligonauts, trainings, etc.)

• Operational liaison between grant offices and R&D project managers (supporting financial and progress reporting)


Corporate  operations

• Support CEO for meeting preparation and planning for Board of Directors

• Link with legal and corporate counsels to prepare legal documentation before the board and after the board

• Responsible of Board meeting scheduling and logistics

• Provide strategic internal & external communications support: drafting emails, reports, memos, presentations, and online presence

• Update website (new team members, new press, articles, interviews, talks and participations at conferences) & publish on Social Media platforms

•Responsible of Eligonauts profiles/interviews and publication on Medium


The list is not exhaustive but is there to illustrate the breadth of responsibilities at the current time.



We are seeking a motivated candidate with a breadth of skills and behavioral traits that are crucial to be an effective swiss-knife for the CEO and for the team. 

• Driven to achieve results with strategic mindset: You are incredibly driven to achieve results. You are tenacious in the face of adversity and carry a can-do attitude. You are a master organizer and project planner, you consistently look ahead and anticipate needs before they arise. You have a sharp mind and you have a great judgment for what’s important. Prioritization is your mantra. You think fast and execute quickly, but you always think before acting about the consequences of your decisions

• Natural problem solver: you are a natural problem solver. You are analytical and structured in your thinking. You create order out of chaos by identifying systems and processes in need of tightening. You deeply understand team and business operations and easily synthesize information to develop a recommended plan of action.

• Off-the-charts emotional intelligence and communication skills:  you actively listen to understand what drives or concerns the team and gather input before acting. You are able to connect the dots across the company. You are positive, empathetic, flexible, curious. Once in action, you are able to communicate what to achieve and why, but also how to achieve it. 

Loyalty & managed ego: You are deeply loyal, and are constantly looking for ways to offer support. You must be confident enough to be candid & push back at times, while also humble enough to happily work behind the scenes. You thrive on helping others be their best selves and anticipating their needs before they are spoken.


• Engineering Degree, , Business School Degree, Master Degree or equivalent 

• Excellent communication skills (written and verbal) in English and at least one other European Language preferably French

• Interested and at ease with using technological tools (software, apps) to advance operational excellence

• Experience(s) in a startup/organization that experienced scale-up phase with rapid-growth is prefered