Research Associate Microbiology & Genetic Engineering


Eligo is a six-year-old biotechnology startup, spun out of MIT and Rockefeller University, and based in Paris, France.

Eligo has raised more than 20 million euros from leading investors in Silicon Valley and France to develop next-generation drugs based on the genetic engineering of bacteria and their viruses to tackle unmet medical needs, such as antibiotic resistance and diseases associated with the microbiome.

Eligo has been elected as one of the 30 Most Innovative Companies by the World Economic Forum, has received international awards for pioneering work in the field of synthetic biology, and has been featured in international media and scientific journals such as Nature Biotechnology, The New York Times, the BBC, The Economist, and Science.

Eligo has attracted top talent from all over the world, currently numbering over 35 Eligonauts from more than 10 countries, all driven, passionate, and motivated to impact the world by applying cutting-edge research to save lives.  If you thrive in fast-paced environments, are excited to solve real-world problems with cutting-edge science, and are looking for an opportunity to develop your skills, THIS is the perfect opportunity!


Eligo is building a platform technology based on phage engineering to produce eligobiotics that can target a wide range of bacterial species. With such a capability, Eligo is poised to lead the new generation of precision microbiome engineering companies.

To be able to translate our research to the clinic, a lot of genetic engineering has to be performed to turn natural phages into delivery vectors that can deliver a complete CRISPR system to the target bacterial populations within the microbiome.

Your mission will be to help us engineer an Eligobiotic to target an exciting bacterial species that no one has ever managed to genetically engineer until today!

We are therefore looking for excellent molecular biologists / synthetic biologists / microbiologists excited to tackle the ambitious challenges of diving into phage genetics and engineering bacterial strains.

The ideal candidate is passionate about genetic engineering, CRISPR and microbiology. You’ll work hand-in-hand with many other Eligonauts to engineer eligobiotic candidates to be used in our clinical trials.


Overall responsibility

  • Act as an instrumental member of the Eligo’s engineering team to help the company’s drug programs move forward

Research associate

  • Designing and cloning complex DNA constructs/circuits to turn phages or bacteria into engineered living therapeutics
  • Transformation/transduction selection and characterization of DNA constructs outputs and engineered bacteria : fluorescence, CFU counting, other biochemical methods
  • Generation of natural or engineered bacteriophage (stocks, titration and other forms of quantification)
  • Carefully recording and interpreting all results, quantifications and new constructs
  • Maintenance, numbering and handling of the newly generated DNA constructs
  • Work with and support other members of the team for most efficient project delivery
  • The list is not exhaustive but is there to illustrate the breadth of responsibilities at the current time.


We are seeking a motivated candidate that is positive, curious and an extremely good team player, with a set of skills and qualities that are crucial for this position.

Self-starter, curious and rigorous

  • You can easily record experimental data accurately and present results to the rest of the team in a clear and concise manner. You are curious and go beyond the obvious when solving problems. You are willing to learn from Eligo peers and are ready to dive into the exciting field of microbiome engineering!

Organised and efficient

  • You are organised and able to effectively manage time and effort to meet deadlines.

Good team player

  • You have a strong collaborative attitude. You proactively seek information, advice and help when needed in order to achieve set goals. You have good communication skills and abilities to have constructive discussions within your working team.


The ideal candidate

  • Bachelor Degree, Engineering Degree or Master Degree in Microbiology, Molecular Biology or related fields
  • Previous experience with culturing and handling diverse bacterial species
  • Experience with advanced molecular cloning strongly preferred (Golden Gate, Gibson, iPCR, CRISPR, etc.)
  • Experience operating basic laboratory equipment
  • Must be capable of organizing work, multi-tasking, and performing multiple functions that may change over time
  • Excellent attention to detail and ability to resolve problems
  • Must be receptive to instruction and demonstrate aptitude for learning new technologies
  • Good oral and written communication skills required in English
  • Effective management of time and effort to meet deadlines
  • Strong collaborative attitude essential