Research Assistant Bioengineering


At Eligo, we are passionate about developing new drugs to address unmet medical needs!

We are looking for a high-performing lab assistant to assist and work hand-in-hand with our R&D teams. We want to hire you because you are interested in providing critical support to the engineering of novel biotherapeutics. This involves cloning and testing engineered DNA constructs, reproducing experiments with a given experimental setup, handling of bacterial cultures and bacteriophages and meticulously recording and interpreting results.

If you are thoughtful, meticulous, well-organized, energetic, collaborative, and want to learn about and provide support for a critical set of processes within Eligo, please apply!


  • Cloning of complex DNA constructs/circuits : knowledge of advanced cloning techniques is a plus (Gibson assembly, Golden Gate, iPCR, etc.).
  • General Molecular Biology methods: PCR, DNA electrophoresis, centrifugation, gDNA and plasmid extraction, OD600 measurements, etc. Experience with protein biochemistry is a plus but not required.
  • Transformation/transduction of bacteria.
  • Testing the ouput of engineered DNA constructs : fluorescence, CFU counting, other biochemical methods.
  • Generation of bacteriophage stocks, titration and other forms of quantification.
  • Carefully recording and interpreting all results, quantifications and new constructs .
  • Maintenance, numbering and handling of the newly generated DNA constructs as glycerol or plasmid stocks.
  • Reagent/Buffer solution preparation.


  • French applicants: DUT ou BTS ou Licence professionnelle minimum (Biotechnologies, Génie Biologique, Analyses biologiques et/ou biochimiques, etc.)
  • Foreign applicants: Associate’s degree with 1 year laboratory experience required; Bachelor’s degree in Biology or related discipline preferred
  • Basic computer skills required: word processing and spreadsheets
  • Experience with advanced molecular cloning strongly preferred (Golden Gate, Gibson, etc.)
  • Experience operating basic laboratory equipment
  • Must be capable of organizing work, multi-tasking, and performing multiple functions that may change over time
  • Excellent attention to detail and ability to resolve problems
  • Must be receptive to instruction and demonstrate aptitude for learning new technologies
  • Good oral and written communication skills required in English
  • Must work well independently and also as part of a team.