The microbiome is associated with an increasing number of unmet medical needs

From cancer to obesity, there is growing body of research demonstrating the association between the tens of trillions of bacteria inhabiting our body and a number of severe diseases.

Neurodegenerative diseases, Inflammatory bowel disease, Cardiovascular Diseases, Depression and anxiety, Autoimmune diseases, Asthma and allergies, Dental cavities, Gastric ulcers, Malnutrition, Infections, Diabetes, Eczema, Obesity, Autism, Cancer, Acne…

To address these needs,
Eligo is developing a new class of
targeted biotherapeutic agents to selectively intervene on the microbiome.

We are using proprietary methods in synthetic biology, protein and genome engineering to create Eligobiotics: genetic circuits packaged in phage-based delivery vectors used to diagnose, eradicate, or functionalize targeted microbial populations.

We are developing an arsenal of eligobiotics to address a variety of unmet medical needs.

We have assembled a strong team of scientists, genome architects and executives to translate our research into real-world products spanning human and animal health, cosmetics, industrial biotech, food and beverages…

 “Eligo’s technology could be as important as the discovery of penicillin.”  

– Professor Christian Brechot,
Executive director at Institut Pasteur

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