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eES: 8,4/10

employee Engagement Score (0-10)

> In the top 10% of biotech companies

eNPS: 65/100

Employee Net Promoter Score (-100 to 100)

> Average for biotech companies: 14/100

We are recruiting amazing scientists and executives to work with us on one of the most exciting synthetic biology-based drug-development platforms.

To build the next generation of targeted drugs, we are looking for the most talented
microbiologists, genome architects, bioengineers, and DNA hackers
to join one of our R&D teams!


Discovery and automation

Our pipeline to source new vectors from phages from bacterial collections and environment samples


Biocarrier engineering

Applying expertise in drug delivery, phage biology, and bioengineering to optimize our delivery vectors


Production strain design

Using synthetic biology to hack genomes to optimize the production of eligobiotics


Fermentation and scale-up

Design, optimise and fine-tune bioreactor-based fermentations for medium- to large-scale production of clinical trial-quality eligobiotics


Formulation and In-vivo models

Applying biochemistry expertise to prepare the first eligobiotics to succeed in clinical trials and validate their efficiency in our in-house animal models


Regulation and biz dev

Navigate strategic partnerships & the regulatory process for an innovative new health technology

  • Joining Eligo was the best career choice I could do after my post doc: Such a dynamic and great place to work, intellectually challenging and stimulating! ! (And Paris is awesome!)

    Jesus Fernandez-Rodriguez, PhD Joined Eligo in 2015 after a post-doc at MIT in the Voigt Lab
  • For me, it is the perfect time to be working at Eligo: the science is important, elegant, and exciting, and the team is energized, sharp, and creative. I come to work every day because we are developing a product that I really believe should exist, and that will save lives and cure diseases. Being on this quest for the past four years has been a delight.

    Erica Lieberman - joined Eligo in 2015 after graduating from Stanford in BioEngineering

Comprehensive Benefits:

  • Competitive salary and equity packages
  • Health insurance with the highest coverage
  • Fully-paid public transportation card
  • Weekly paid French and English classes
  • Weekly paid yoga class
  • Coverage of after-hour diner
  • Extended paternal leave

Awesome perks:

  • A team that is passionate, creative, driven, and at the top of their game
  • A fast-paced, international, interdisciplinary, inspiring, and collaborative work environment
  • An opportunity to apply cutting-edge technologies to solve real-world problems
  • A truly unique and fantastic company culture
  • Last but not least... the Parisian life! (walking distance to Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, Sorbonne...)

Current Job Openings at Eligo Bioscience

If you are as excited as we are to apply cutting-edge research
to solving real-world problems and truly making a difference with your work,
then check out our current openings, we have something for you!

R&D: Genetic Engineering of Bacteria and Bacteriophages

Synthetic biologists / Genome architects / Phage engineers

Paris    Full-time


Research assistant / technician - Microbiology

Paris    6 months CDD

Operations, HR and Finances

Head of Operations

Paris    Full-time


Intellectual Property

Patent Engineer

Paris    Full-time