Eligo Bioscience further strengthens its position as leader in the field of gene editing of the microbiome with additional landmark CRISPR patent

October 3, 2022

Paris, France, October 3, 2022 – Eligo Bioscience today announced the issuance by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) of an additional landmark patent that further strengthens Eligo’s dominant position in the field of CRISPR-based killing of bacteria.

US Patent #11,452,765 is the third patent being granted from the WO2014124226 patent family owned by The Rockefeller University and exclusively licensed to Eligo Bioscience. While the two previous granted patents covered pharmaceutical compositions comprising CRISPR delivered by non replicative vectors (either phagemids or packaged phagemids), this new patent covers pharmaceutical compositions comprising CRISPR delivered by replicative vectors (engineered phages).

This steady expansion of the WO2014124226 patent family reflects the seminal position and the huge potential of the foundational work conducted at The Rockefeller University a decade ago on the use of CRISPR to kill undesirable bacteria with high precision. Moreover, multiple additional patents from the same patent family and covering additional types of pharmaceutical compositions, all comprising CRISPR, are expected to be granted in the coming weeks.

It is highly relevant to the field to note that while some patent claims in the WO2014124226 family are directed to specific delivery vectors, CRISPR systems or to bacterial species, other claims in this family are directed to pharmaceutical compositions comprising any type of delivery vector and/or any CRISPR systems for killing of any type of bacteria. Therefore, this patent family encompasses any bacteria targeted by any type of DNA payload encoding any CRISPR, together with any combination thereof.

“Each additional patent granted in this family, which has the earliest priority date in the field of CRISPR-based killing of prokaryotes, further strengthens Eligo’s dominant patent position. Eligo is definitively a key partner to any entity intending to use CRISPR to kill bacteria,” said Dr. Xavier Duportet, Chief Executive Officer of Eligo Bioscience. “It is an exciting time for us, as we deploy our platforms to high value and differentiated targets in immune disorders and oncology.”


About Eligo

Eligo Bioscience is the world leader in microbiome gene editing therapy and is advancing a highly differentiated pipeline of precision medicines to address unmet medical needs in immuno-inflammation and oncology, caused by the expression of specific deleterious bacterial genes by our microbiome.

Eligo was founded by scientists from The Rockefeller University and by scientists from MIT. Eligo was named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, and has received venture capital funding from Khosla Ventures and Seventure Partners, and non-dilutive funding from GlaxoSmithKline, the European Commission, CARB-X, and Bpifrance.

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